जल संकट बनाम सबके लिए पानी  ||  गंगा की प्रतिरूप कावेरी  ||  जरा कावेरी के प्रदूषण की भी तो सोचें



"Paryavaran Chetna" Paryavaran Chetna Monthly Magzine for enviromental awareness is a innovative attempt towards creating general awareness among both the rural and urban masses for environmental Conservation Protection.

This is a unique Monthly journal of its kind and only one of the subject in hindi being published since May 1994.

Besides its Independent Circulation Paryavaran Chetna is approved by Central government and several state government Department such as Rural Development,Education Enviroment,Forest ,Panchayat Raj and Local Bodies covering almost all 70,000 Gram Panchayat ,Universities Public Library and all the educational institutions of Uttar Pradesh Government of Delhi and Himachal Pradesh has approves it for their educational institutions. The journal is also approved by information department of U.P. and DAVP for all government advertisement.