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Advisory Board

The organization has an advisory board which includes experts from various fields and organization such as from government institutions ,public ,universities and social organizations (see annexure -1) ADVISORY PANEL -our main advisors are -

  • Dr. Dinesh Sharma Mayor,lucknow
  • Dr. H.S. Yaduvanshi (Phd )former joint director cum chief appraisal .Environment u.p. & former assistant ,professor scientist H.P. agriculture university ,Palampur (H.P.)

  • Dr V.P. Kambhoj former Director CDRI
  • Dr. P.K. Seth former director ITRC ,Director of Biotech Park.
  • Dr. Krishna Gopal Dubey Sr. Scientist ITRC Lucknow
  • Dr. V.P.Sharma Senior Scientist ITRC
  • Legal Advisor :

  • Mr. Ashok Kumar Chaudhary retd judge High Court
  • Mr. Kapil Dev Senior Advocate High Court
  • Justice Khem aran retd, judge highcourt
  • Financial Advisor :

  • Mr. S.K. Agrawal (C.A.) Sanjeev associates
  • Mr Shailesh Srivastava income Tax Department
  • Other:

  • Dr. Sudhir Jain(MBBS)
  • Dr. Neelam Jain(MBBS, Gyn)Lucknow
  • Dr. V.K.Rastogi(Homeopath) Lucknow
  • Dr. Devesh Srivastava (Ayurved) Lucknow
  • Mr. Kranti Bhatt Sr. Journalist and bureau chief paryavaran chetna Uttarakhand.