जल संकट बनाम सबके लिए पानी  ||  गंगा की प्रतिरूप कावेरी  ||  जरा कावेरी के प्रदूषण की भी तो सोचें


The organization is working in the field of environment since 1993. Some of the major activities and achievements are as under:

  • The organization has organized various environmental awareness programmes under National Environmental Awareness Campaign, a scheme of Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt. of India. A no. of awareness activities were also taken up by the organization from its own resources.
  • Organization has been carrying out plantation program since 1993 in different areas of the state. Plantation in Lucknow included Arjunganj Sarswa- 5000 plants, Gomti nagar-1000 plants, Paryavaran Chetna parisar Indira nagar- 1000 plants, Kasganj- 5000 plants, Ghaziabad(Vasundhara)- 1000 plants.
  • Environmental education and training for various school teachers was imparted by the organization.
  • Environmental education was also given to school children by the action oriented programmes like Eco-clubs, greening of the text books, environmental quiz contests etc.
  • Studies carried out for assessing the impact of water pollution. Water analysis of Drinking water in Gomti nagar area.
  • Impact of air pollution has been assessed by the organization.
  • The organization is publishing a monthly Hindi journal “Paryavaran Chetna” for creating environmental awareness since may 1994, is regularly published which goes in about 1 lakh educational institute of India. The journal is well recognized by many states such as U.P., Rajasthan, H.P., Delhi, M.P., Haryana, Bihar, Gujrat, North Eastern India and some southern districts of India.
  • “If we want a better future tomorrow saves the environment today”